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heheh, just heard about this joke from my gf. she said she overhead it from the radio. ;D

There is a girl which stuck between two guys who admire her so much.
One of them, let us call him A, is an ordinary lorry driver
The other guy, B is a doctor in a famous hospital.

And so, one day there is a job for the lorry driver which requires him to leave the town for a week. One of the first few things popped in his mind -yeah, the girl. He couldn`t just let the doctor using the opportunity to win the girl`s heart!

He decided to give a bucket of apples to the girl with a note saying that he`s leaving the town just for a week. Apparently the girl became confused and started wondering why would A give him a bucket of apples.

Before she turned her head to something else, she took a glance of small sentences at the bottom of the note saying :


Fun Facts about Poker

Why dogs can't play poker

Hye there, have u played poker before? I mean like really playing it, using chips and stuff.

When I say playing poker, if you are playing the usual card games (e.g 5 cards, B2, etc. ), then it is NOT POKER.

Poker is more exhilarating and adrenaline pumping. You would feel the rush whenever you wanna place a bet, call other`s bet or maybe when you wanna call a bluff.

The thing is, you might say that poker is just a game of chance. well, it`s not entirely true since you also have to acquire the capability to bluff and read other people`s mind/body language. experienced player could tell the difference if someone is bluffing or not.

But I`m not gonna explain all about it since I`m supposed to present the fun facts about poker! ;)

  • Playing cards were invented in China.(I`m not sure about this)
  • A fifth suit was added in 1937 but never caught on because people had to buy all new decks.
  • At least 65,000,000 Americans regularly play poker, and more are playing every day.
  • Dead mans hand is Aces and Eights
  • Getting dealt 10, 2 is referred to as Doyle Brunson because he won back to back World Series with the hand.
  • In the 1800s, 2,000 to 2,500 riverboat gamblers played poker on American Waterways, By contemporary accounts, no more than four of these poker players were honest all the time. A straight beat a flush at this time.
  • Las Vegas Casinos are not legally obligated to pay off there gambling debts.
  • Due to French Influence, Spades represent Royalty, Diamonds represent Merchants, Clubs represent the peasants, and hearts represent the clergy.
  • Edmond Hoyle lived to be 97, but diesd 150 years before Poker was invented.
  • Playing cards were introduced in Europe in the 1300's.
  • When Columbus landed in 1492 in North America, his men plucked wide leaves from trees, drew pictures on them and played cards.
  • Historians generally agree that Bill Hickock was a lousy poker player.
  • Groucho Marx got his name from carrying his poker money in a "grouch bag."
  • Former President Richard Nixon won $6,000 playing poker in his first two months in the U.S. Navy during WWll. That's equal to roughly $42,640 in 2004 dollars. He used that money as well as more poker winnings to finance his run for the U.S. Congress in 1946, for which he won.

*Fun facts were quoted from several websites
*Cartoon is the copyright of the respected owner

Snow in Dublin?

sorry bad quality of pic. iphone je

hm... this is quite unbelievable even for me to say about it now..

based from what other people told me as they`ve been told from other old folks in dublin.. it has been around what... 18 years?...19? since snow ever fall in dublin.


don`t mention about frost. it happens every year. avoid driving during winter.

yeay2! managed to build or somehow took part in building snowman!
*damn la anak dol kacau snowman aku...*

amik pic ngn snowman org len pn ok la...

with amin at UCD field

p/s : next year ade lg ke snow eh, hehehe... at least before I go back to malaysia..

Living life as a LEFTY

Recently I just had a thought about it. living life as a lefty. maybe it`s not a big deal for someone, but for sure some of you would react/respond when you saw somebody who is lefty, no matter what kind of gesture or speech.

if it`s me, I would say "eh, lefty gak ke?" with a grin ;)

I found something interesting on the net as I`ve been wondering around for a while now.

Disadvantages of lefties in society:

  • Pens and pencils: When a lefty writes with a pen or a pencil, his hand trails over the words he has previously written. Depending on the pen or pencil in question, this can lead to smudges all over the paper and the left hand. Erasable ink is notorious among lefties for this reason.
  • Scissors: Many lefties, when learning to use scissors for the first time, pick up a pair of right-handed scissors, place them in their left hand, and start cutting. Using the wrong scissors can cause RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are a lefty, you would probably be best using left-handed scissors in your left hand.
  • Playing cards: In a card game, when a lefty fans out his cards left-handed style, the numbers and suits cannot be seen. Lefties have to either read the cards upside-down, fan them out the opposite way, or buy left-handed cards with the number and suit in all corners.
  • School desks: Many schools use desks with a chair attached. The desktop is shaped so that you get in on the left side and you can rest your right arm while writing. A lefty's left arm has to stick out off the edge of the desk. Left-handed desks, built the oppposite way, can be very hard to find. The Handedness Research Institute recommends that schools buy unbiased desks instead. For more information about the troubles lefties face when using right-handed desks, see What's Wrong with This Desk? by HRI.
  • Power tools: Many power tools, when held with the left hand, can be very harmful. For example, a circular saw blows sawdust to the right, which is very convenent for a right-hander, but when held in the left hand, makes a mess.

Advantages of lefties in society:

  • Reading and writing backwards and upside-down: Okay, it's not very useful, but it is cool. :) Generally, lefties can more easily write (or at least read) backwards or upside-down. Right-to-left is the natural direction for left-handers.
  • Creativity: Lefties are dominated by the right hemisphere of the brain, which deals with music, art, perception, emotions, and other forms of abstract thinking.
  • Driving: In countries where traffic keeps to the right side of the road (USA, Canada, etc.), lefties are more easily able to hand (or throw) change out to pay a toll, since they use their left hand. In left-side-of-the-road countries (UK, Australia, etc.), righties have this advantage, but lefties are better equipped to use a stick shift.
  • Adaptability: Because their world is dominated by right-handed products, lefties are much more easily adaptable to right-handed tools and utensils than righties are to left-handed products. This can be helpful if a lefty breaks his dominant arm and is temporarily unable to use it.
  • It's cool to be different!
quoted from

well honestly I would agree with almost all of them!!
especially the part about pens/pencils when writing, truly lots of smudges (back then).
and yeah about the chair with attached desk, that`s truly bias! even though now sometimes I still find it hard to find them for lefties.

I want to add some from my own point of view:

1. Have to give up some space while in lecture hall to the next right handed people when taking notes

2. Can`t properly use fork and knife while formal dinner, since I feel much better handling knife with my left hand (I would do it my way)

3. And maybe few other stuffs as well.

1. I could eat my breakfast and do my homework at the same time back when I was in primary school and secondary school

2. It`s fun to find someone else who is left handed rather than normal right handed

3. It does makes you feel somewhat special ;)

Add some points if you have it in your mind!!

Jonas Brothers - Love Bug

kinda hooked to this song :)